BETWEEN, always

Storytelling, to us, is film and photography that stays close to the tenderness of your memories.


I’m a talker. There’s nothing I enjoy more than diving into deep conversations - with Eric, my family & friends, and the couples we’re blessed to meet. If I ever ask you how you’re doing, it’s not out of courtesy. I really want to know. I am a total type A person, obsessing over organization. I love to relax to a good hopeless romantic show or a movie (Gilmore Girls fan over here). One of life’s greatest blessings is being a mama to my baby Iron and watching his personality bloom every day. Before I became a full time photographer, I was an Elementary school teacher who specialized in child development through psychology. I take my skill set from my background and apply them to our successful business. During family portraits, you will hear my “teacher voice” a few times just to keep everyone on track (;



Together we have been narrating people’s love stories for the past 5+ years. We’re based in Palm Springs but we travel across the globe capturing spectacular weddings in mesmerizing locations. Our mantra? While we cannot frame heartbeats, we can capture the moments that make them accelerate. The desire to tell authentic stories drives everything we do.
We believe that the best kind of storytelling comes from the connection we build with people. This foundation of trust brings us closer to our purpose: narrating your story in a way that is worthy of your love. 


On your wedding day, I’ll be the friendly face guiding you. My purpose is to make sure you’re enjoying the moment without ever worrying about the shot. I love playing with our son Iron, practicing my barista skills in our dream-come-true coffee shop, and watching The Office for the millionth time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Am I right?

I'm a talker, too - and getting better at it every day. Things like 'I am happy' or 'Mom, dad, are you happy?' are my favorite things to say. Being cute is a full time job, but when I have time, I love playing with my coffee cart and making my parents "latte' every morning.



First of all, congratulations on your engagement! We’re smiling from ear to ear thinking of all the memories awaiting you at your wedding.

We believe in building warm and honest connections with all of our couples. And since you’re so close to telling us your story, it’s only fair that we share ours. 

We’ve been married for five years. And yes, we have to admit that we fell in love from the moment we met. We started dating within a week, got engaged within 6 months and were married by the end of that year. God’s plan and timing was, as always, immaculate. 

Storytelling has always been a big part of our journey. We’ve been collecting and cherishing every memory - from first glances, deep conversations at the local coffee shop to our first I love you’s. Those are the moments that inspired us to create The Authentic Storytellers, a business that allows us to document real love through a deeply honest lens. Everything we have built, we built together. We love what we do and feel incredibly lucky that somewhere along the way this turned into our careers. 


We love our family traditions. From morning coffee strolls to Iron’s bedtime readings, we appreciate the small things. This cozy cocoon filled with real-life love and plenty of belly-laughter is what fuels our work every day.